World Fertility Day on 2 November helping to raise global awareness

World Fertility Day is an initiative supported by Louise Brown, the World’s first IVF baby.

Founded by and Babble Giving, it is a global fertility awareness day to be joined by individuals and organizations around the world. It received amazing response in 2018, its first year, and we are excited about this year’s World Fertility Day taking place on 2 November 2020.

It aims to create a global conversation

Raising awareness for the 48.5 million couples living with fertility issues and infertility worldwide, empowering people with knowledge and inspiring across countries and cultures.

World Fertility Day is about education, empowerment and understanding

The day will highlight the importance of breaking the silence and taboo that has existed for too long, to realize that we are not alone, to stop living in isolation, to break barriers across cultures, to empower people with fertility knowledge to enable informed decisions to be made on the route to parenthood.

Join the Global Conversation

If you would like to hold a #ttcdrinks or lunch in your town or country, get in touch!
Why? To inspire others going through fertility issues around the globe. To empower with knowledge and to break the silence and taboo of fertility.

To learn more about World Fertility Day visit here

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