Opening doors to fertility awareness

Our ultimate aim at IVF babble and Babble Giving is to change the way that people across the globe view infertility.

But the big question is: How do we do that? It’s a huge undertaking and we know that, but we are determined and motivated to do all we can to make sure the word infertility is normalised.

Being diagnosed with infertility is devastating enough and it is hard to accept that you are now a member of one of the most unpopular clubs in the world.

Firstly, remember you are not alone, there is 50 million people across the globe who are also members, and we all need to be shouting a little louder.

Social media has been influential in helping us to connect; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is an immediate resource that can connect millions of people and we will continue to grow our community in this incredible way.

Another way we are opening doors to fertility awareness is approaching people in the public eye and asking for their support.

We have been very lucky to have a large celebrity following and many well-known names support our #ivfstrongertogether pineapple pin campaign, including television presenters, Fearne Cotton, Davinia McCall, Gabby Logan, Julia Bradbury, Kate Thornton, Sophie Blake. journalists Rohan Silva, Emily Phillips authors Izzy Judd and Jessic Hepburn, and the world’s first IVF baby, Louise Brown.

These celebrities and influencers have been crucial to us in their support for the campaign and helping to raise awareness of infertility and shining a light on the #TTC community.

We applaud them for that and thank them from our hearts for being so supportive and open about their own journeys.

We pledge to keep the conversation going with industry insiders, clinics, pharmaceutical firms, celebrities and influential people to make sure that the door keeps opening when it comes to fertility awareness.

We will do this by continuing to do the work we have been doing at events, expos, our lunches, fundraising events, online fertility magazine, IVF Babble and through social media.

If you would like to join us in raising fertility awareness globally, email

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