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Here at Babble Giving we have lots of events coming up to mark a huge year in the IVF world

2018 will mark the 40th anniversary of the first IVF birth, the wonderful Louise Joy Brown was born on July 25, 1978 and has gone on to become a beacon of hope for anyone with fertility issues.

Louise works closely with IVF babble, offering words of encouragement with her informative and thought-provoking articles on all things IVF.

She is an advocate and campaigner for access to IVF and has been a great supporter of IVF babble.

Which is why Louise Brown will be the guest of honour at our inaugural fundraiser, The Pineapple Ball, being held at the Science Museum on Thursday, November 1.

This wonderful event will bring together more than 300 of the world’s industry experts, influencers, charities come together to raise funds to battle against infertility and childlessness across the globe.

You will arrive at the event along our dazzling red carpet, enjoy a champagne reception, a gala dinner, a whole host of amazing speakers and a splash of celebrity, plus there will be entertainment, band and auction.

It promises to be THE night to celebrate the legacy of IVF and its pioneers and we want you to be there with us.

There are several ticket and sponsorship packages available; to find out more email or click here to book your ticket

The following day will mark World Fertility Day and we are so excited to be hosting a ground breaking event.

IVF babble and Babble Giving will create a live link-up with influential figures and organisations around the world to discuss fertility and what it means in the modern age.

There will be more on this in the coming months, so watch this space…

One of most successful fundraising and awareness events we have launched in 2018 is the #TTC lunches.

We have so far hosted two lunches, one in London and another in Manchester, with many more in the pipeline across the UK and the world.

The first lunch was held at the Boston Room, in the George IV bar in London in January and the Abel Heywood bar, in Manchester in April, both full of wonderful men, women, couples and a range of IVF experts all offering to support each other on their journeys.

The lunches are a fantastic way to bring the #TTC community together, to listen to each other’s stories, offer comfort and ask questions to IVF experts.

We are currently organising the next #TTC lunch

If you would like more information and interested to attend, head over to our Instagram account, @IVFbabble or click here to subscribe and receive the latest updates on #ttclunches and global fertility news

Would you like to hold a fundraising event for Babble Giving?

All funds raised will go towards the charity’s grant scheme, which gifts funding to people who are struggling to pay for their treatment along with raising fertility awareness

Get in touch if you have an idea for an event. Or if you are a clinic who would like to sell our pineapple pins, email

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