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Get your questions about anything fertility related answered tomorrow!! We will be live with @clinicatambre at 7pm uk time. Do join us and have your questions at the ready!!! Look out for the post at 7pm tomorrow, then drop your question in the comments under the live post. See you tomorrow! (..and instagram, you had better behave this time!!) #knowledgeispower #getyouranswers #trustedclinic #ttc
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Say hi to Caroline everyone! Caroline is one of the incredible embryologists at the @reproductivehg. When you are going through fertility treatment, you never really get to see behind the scenes, so we asked Caroline if she would give us a little insight in to her amazing world inside the lab. We specifically asked if she would show us how an embryo is frozen. If you have any questions about this, do ask. Caroline won’t be able to answer immediately as she is busy in the lab at the mo but the @reproductivehg will get back to you. Thank you Caroline!! #embryofreezing #embryo #embryologist #ttc #ivflab #vitrification
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We are live now (8-9pm uk time)with Dr Joan Diamond from @xytexofficial!!! Drop your questions below and she will reply to you!! #trusteddoctor #knowledgeispower #getyouranswers #ttc #sperm #spermdonation #ttcalone #singleandttc #lgbt #fertility
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We have another live Q&A planned for Tonight!!!!! Join us at 8pm uk time, when you will be able to pick the brilliant brains of Dr Joan Diamond, Vice President of Clinical Operations for @xytexofficial. As the longest running sperm bank with 40 years of experience, Xytex Cryo International helps people across the globe realise their dreams of starting a family using the highest quality donor sperm available. So look out for our post tonight saying ‘live’ then drop your questions in the comments under the post. See you tomorrow at 8pm!!!! #fertilityquestions #ttc #spermdonation #sperm #trusteddoctor #knowledgeispower
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It’s Sunday and I’m (Sara) not working!!!! I’ve escaped to the seaside to eat oysters. Is anyone from Whitstable? I love this place so much. Tell me what you are all doing today and more importantly, how are you feeling? Sending huge love as always. ❤️ #sunday #noworktoday #whitstable #oysters #distractions #ttccommunity
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Our beautiful friend @sophieellisbextor is such a wonderful supporter of ivf Babble, so we wanted to support her in return and share the news with you that her new album is out now! Yay! It’s fab!! #welovesophieellisbextor
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If you are coming to the @thefertilityshow next weekend please do stop by and say hello! This is Tracey☝️ We have had so many messages from you who have said you are going, so let’s all meet at the Babble lounge and grab a cup of tea together!!! Can’t wait to see you and help you find the right experts to set you on the right tracks. Huge love as always ❤️. #ttc #babblelounge #thefertilityshow #ttcexperts #ivfstrongertogether
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Tune in to @itv’s @thismorning, this morning, so that you can catch our lovely friend @drlarisacorda, the tv show’s resident Fertility Expert helping 3 couples selected from across the UK, with her holistic Conception Plan, in a quest to improve their fertility. All of the couples have common male and female issues affecting their ability to get pregnant, and some of them are unable to access any help or services on the NHS because of the restrictions to funding. You can watch the couples' journey as Dr Larisa helps them to address everything from health, diet, fitness, stress and psychology behind their infertility. The episodes will air over a month, starting today, so make sure you tune in and follow the couples on their quest to improving their fertility. #trusteddoctor #ttc #thismorning #itv
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This happend last night! Sooooo frustrating!!!! However, we will get back to you with another Q&A date with @clinicatambre!!! #grrrrrrr
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Another Q&A TONIGHT!!!!! (Wednesday 13th March, 8-9pm uk time) Meet us here on Instagram!!!!! We will be joined by the amazing Dr Blanca Paraiso from @clinicatambre. You can ask her anything! See you tonight!!! #getyouranswers #ttc #trusteddoctor #knowledgeispower