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This is the absolutely brilliant @drlarisacorda and she is joining us on the 21st at our day retreat!!!! Why don’t you join us too? (Link is in the bio!) Dr larisa is not only an amazing doctor, but she has such an incredible way about her, that will leave you feeling so comforted. Come join us too, and ask as her many questions as you can! Then once you feel you have your answers, we can do some yoga and eat yummy barbecue food!! In the meantime, let us tell you more about Dr Larisa: Dr Larisa Corda is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and Expert in Reproductive Medicine. She qualified from Imperial College London and her training has been both in the UK and Australia, seeing her gain an understanding and appreciation of gynaecological, obstetric and fertility issues across a wide international population. She believes in a holistic approach to treating a patient that addresses many lifestyle factors as well as a combination of Eastern and Western medical approaches, and is a passionate womens’ rights ambassador, with roles on a number of international charities that have included UN Women and The Circle. She believes in using innovative natural and mild IVF techniques to assist conception where needed. Larisa is also ITV This Morning’s and Channel Mum’s Fertility Expert, regularly appears and is quoted by the media. She is also brand ambassador for My Lotus, and has recently launched her own website which offers guidance and support for all those wanting a natural empowering approach to their fertility. In keeping with this, she has devised a unique programme for fertility and pregnancy called The Conception Plan, which is currently being aired by This Morning, and follows 3 couples with a combination of male and female factor infertility issues, declined treatment by the NHS, on their quest to become pregnant. Join us on the 21st June at the @danesfieldhouse!!! #thebigreset #lookafteryourself #timeout #meettheexperts #freshstart #summersolstice #yoga #outdooryoga #headspace
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Duh! Somehow managed to delete a DM just now. Was about to reply but big fingers screwed up! Please resend if it was you!!! 🙏
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This is the absolutely brilliant James Nicopoullos, Consultant Gynaecologist at the @listerfertilityclinic, and he will be joining us on the 21st June at our day retreat!! You will be able to sit down with James over a cuppa and get all of your questions answered. Mr Nicopoullos is widely published with more than 35 publications on topics such as male fertility, management of viral infections and sub-fertility, low ovarian reserve, ovarian hyper stimulation, premature ovarian failure, effect of progesterone levels and other markers of successful fertility treatments. He regularly speaks at national and international conferences, acts as a reviewer for a number of peer-reviewed journals and is an active member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology and a committee member of the British Fertility Society. He leads the clinic's egg freezing/fertility preservation program and continues to combine his clinical commitments with an ongoing research program. James is also a really really lovely man who we know you will really enjoy speaking to. 😊 If you would like to meet James on the 21st, click on the link in the bio. #thebigreset #lookafteryourself #timeout #meettheexperts #freshstart #summersolstice #yoga #outdooryoga #headspace
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This incredible human is @thisisalicerose and she is joining us on June 21st at our day retreat at @danesfieldhouse . If you don’t already know Alice, let us tell you a bit about her... Alice Rose is a podcaster (The TTC Life Raft), and creator of the ‘Think! What not to Say’ campaign. She is on a mission to empower anyone trying to be a parent through her insta, FB group, live events, weekly emails and her 10 day online course...and via anyone who wants to give her a microphone! She’s also partial to a croissant and loves a dance. Alice has the most amazing gift of making you smile when you thought you were all out of smiles. 😊 Come and hang with us and Alice on the 21st! (Link in the bio for more info) #thebigreset #lookafteryourself #timeout #meettheexperts #freshstart #summersolstice #yoga #outdooryoga #headspace
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This is our beautiful friend @emmalcannon, an Integrated Fertility expert, acupuncturist and author, with nearly 25 years experience of working with couples and individuals experiencing fertility problems. She is just one of the brilliant fertility experts who will be joining us on the 21st June at the @danesfieldhouse for our day retreat. We will be introducing you to all the experts over the next few days, but for now, we hand over to Emma who will tell you more about what she does: “It might be that you have already spent time ‘doing thing to improve your chances’. You do the yoga, you follow the food plan, you give up everything fun in your life and still you are not pregnant. It’s easy to blame your self and think; ‘well maybe I wasn’t positive enough’, ‘maybe it’s because I had a termination’, ‘maybe I drank too much in my youth’ ‘ maybe it is something I did or did not do”. I call this BARREN thinking and it comes from a place of lacking and self blame. My approach is to help you become FERTILE in body and mind, rich in resources, fruitful and prolific. To help support you either in person at my clinic or through my online programmes and on this  Instagram . My unique approach to fertility covers the medical history, lifestyle, emotions & spiritual. Wherever you are on your journey you will leave with a fresh perspective and plan of action.  If you are trying naturally , about to do IVF, have recently failed IVF or suffered pregnancy or baby loss, embarking on egg donation - whatever your situation. I  will draw on my many years experience of working with the medical profession, combined with my knowledge of complementary therapies WELCOME TO MY FERTILE WORLD OF ABUNDANCE WHERE THERE IS ALWAYS ENOUGH : YOU ARE ALWAYS ENOUGH.” If you want to join us on the 21st, click the link in the bio! #thebigreset #lookafteryourself #timeout #meettheexperts #freshstart #summersolstice #yoga #outdooryoga #headspace
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We are delighted to be hosting our first ever fertility day retreat, on June 21st at the beautiful @danesfieldhouse in Buckinghamshire, (It’s where Clooney got married FYI!!) to mark the start of Summer and we would love you to join us! We have invited along the most amazing fertility experts who will all be on hand to answer your questions. The event will begin at 2.45pm with welcomes drinks, but why not book yourself a lovely treatment in the spa first? Take a look through the list of treatments at the @danesfieldhouse and book in advance. Treatments are an additional cost, but you will be getting a discount. At 2.45, head to the grand hall, where we will welcome you all and fill you in on plans for the rest of the day. The afternoon will begin with short introductions and talks from leading fertility consultants covering IVF in the UK and overseas, egg and sperm donation, surrogacy, nutrition, acupuncture and self care. To name just some of our experts, we will be joined by @listerfertilityclinic, @carefertility, @clinicatambre @csp_surrogacy @emmalcannon, @thisisalicerose, @suebedford.nutrition, @drlarisacorda. You will then have the rare opportunity to have individual time with each of the experts over a cup of tea whilst you get all your questions answered. At 6pm you will then be given time to freshen up and get ready for the outdoor yoga session being held in the beautiful grounds. With it being the summer solstice, the yoga session will help with that feeling of resetting, ready to face the rest of the year. After the yoga session, we will light the barbecue!! Our experts will be staying for dinner too, so there will be even more time for you to chat, in the relaxed settings of the beautiful gardens. As the sun sets, you are free to either head home, or stay the night at the fantastic hotel. If you do wish to stay, then please book directly with the Danesfield. If you would like to book a ticket, click on the link in the bio! Tickets are limited though so book as soon as you can! More info on the experts to be shared later! #thebigreset #lookafteryourself #timeout #meettheexperts #freshstart #summersolstice #yoga #outdooryoga #headspace
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We are live now (8-9pm uk time)with Carole Gilling-Smith from @agorafertility. Drop your questions below and she will reply to you now!! (Or DM if you don’t want to ask openly) #trusteddoctor #knowledgeispower #getyouranswers #ttc #fertility #understandyourbody #understandyourtreatment
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We have another live insta Q&A planned! So join us here TONIGHT at 8pm uk time when we will be joined by Carole Gilling-Smith from @agorafertility who will be answering all of your fertility related questions. As always, we will post an image letting you know that the doctor is ready to answer your questions, then all you need do is drop your question in the comments under the “live” post. If you can’t make tonight, then why not join us for our TTC drinks after work next week with @agorafertility on the 21st June down in Brighton? And bring your best friend too!! We will be at the Pitcher and Piano, 1-5 Kings Road, Tue, May 21, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM. DM us if you would like to join us. Sending huge love as always to everyone TTC. See you back here tomorrow! #ttccommunity #questionsandanswers #understandyourbody
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The perfect album to listen to, whilst breathing deeply and slowly, with eyes closed. 🧘‍♂️ #musictobreatheto #takingamoment #lookingafteryou #breathing #ibiza #cafedelmar
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Whether you are a kardashian fan or not, there is no denying that @kimkardashian has helped break the silence of surrogacy on an epic scale. Being a huge advocate for surrogacy, she has spoken openly about her journey. Kim welcomed her fourth child into the world via surrogacy on Thursday and we send her all our love. “ I think it was the best decision I ever made. I think it was such an amazing experience I would recommend it for anyone. I am the biggest fan of surrogacy. All my fears of everything that I thought was going to happen; am I going to connect? Am I going to feel connected? All of that goes out the door and you just instantly feel connected.” We would love to hear from you if you have used a surrogate. Have you got any tips or words of guidance for anyone considering this amazing path to parenthood? If you want to chat to an expert about surrogacy in person, keep the 21 & 22nd June free, as Karen Synesiou , the chief operating officer and co-owner of @csp_surrogacy will be in the uk. Karen is responsible for the overall management of the surrogacy program and is an incredible human being. Karen will be joining us at our day retreat at The Danesfield House on the 21st June along with many other fertility experts. (We will be sharing more info about the retreat and our experts over the next few days). If you can’t make the 21st June, drop us a DM and we can organise a lunch with Karen on the 22nd. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your inspiring stories!!! #surrogacy #intendedparents #pathstoparenthood #surrogate